Instantly modernize legacy alarm systems
Fast, easy conversions that bring app-based security to more customers with less hassle and at lower cost
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How it works
Monitoring service
End to end solution
Protection by EBS installs and configures in minutes, with award winning monitoring service that lets integrators offer a complete end-to-end security solution at lower cost, with RMR that brings them closer to their customers.

Don’t just beat the 3G sunset, let it work for you and your customers! With EBS, you can easily upgrade most alarm panels and provide the app-based security and data privacy that today’s consumers demand. Perform more upgrades in less time and stay deeper in the monitoring value chain with branded services at lower monthly fees.

  • EPX PRO Communicator upgrades most alarm panels in a flash
  • Easy monitoring app for end users; powerful, configurable setup app for installation
  • CSAA award-winning monitoring services for best-of-breed response
  • A complete end-to-end security solution with attractive pricing and RMR benefits
Instant Upgrade
The EPX PRO Communicator
Easily integrated into most popular alarm panels, the EPX PRO upgrades existing 3G and analog systems in an average of 7 minutes! Featuring dual SIMs, IP, GSM/GPRS network compatibility and a robust power supply, our Communicator changes the game for both integrator and end user. No need for costly touchscreen panels or clumsy keypads - the system is conveniently controlled via smartphone.
Installer App
EBS Config 2.0
Our powerful installation software lets integrators make customized templates for specific environments such as homes, shops and offices. Arrive at jobs with the work already half done, and upload configurations from your phone in seconds!
  • Easily create repeatable templates
  • Configure systems from laptop or mobile
  • Quickly add devices with simple QR codes
Get it on Google Play Tools for desktop*
*iOS users must access the EBS Config 2.0 experience using a Windows computer
App for Home and Business Owners
EBS Security
All the convenience of modern remote security monitoring without the complexity and high cost. Simple arm/disarm, configurable and conditional alerts, and the confidence of knowing that data isn't being shared or sold.
  • 3 user levels: great for home and business
  • Configurable push notifications
  • Available on Google Play and iOS App Store
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EBS Professional Monitoring

EBS offers state-of-the-art professional monitoring services to its integrator and installer base. Our nationally-certified central monitoring and response center features redundant locations and provides the utmost in mission-critical reliability—all at economical cost for end consumers.

  • Extend your customer offerings with branded monitoring services
  • Powerful 24/7 access to real-time and archived security data
  • Full access to account activation and administration
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