Make short work of the 3G sunset
Simple, repeatable installations let you update more customers in less time and enjoy the monitoring benefits
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Bespoke innovation from a global security leader
Easy app-based setup and configuration
Works with popular alarm panel brands
Join in RMR benefits from remote monitoring service
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Fastest installs in the west - or east
Sell and perform more installations in less time with our simple, cost-effective solution for the 3G sunset, while enjoying a larger, ongoing role in the monitoring value chain.
  • Upgrades legacy deployments in minutes
  • Create your own repeatable templates
  • Join in RMR from monitoring services
Get it on Google Play Tools for desktop*
*iOS users must access the EBS Config 2.0 experience using a Windows computer
EPX Pro Communicator
You can rely on us
Rock-solid hardware and software plus award-winning monitoring service provides exceptional peace of mind for you and your customers.
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