Peace of mind without the hassle
Get modern smart security for your home or business without the complexity and high monthly bills
You're Covered
Top-tier monitoring and rapid response, 24/7
You're Modern
Beat the 3G sunset and ditch the land line
You're Private
Say no to data brokers and keep your privacy
You're Saving
Lower security bills without compromises
For Your Home
Home security shouldn't be one more thing you have to worry about. Our simple solution lets you modernize your existing alarm system easily and cost-effectively. Get the convenience of monitoring and controlling home security through your smartphone while lowering your monthly bill.
  • Immunize your home against the 3G sunset
  • Upgrades existing alarm systems in minutes
  • Powerful, up-to-date cellular connectivity
  • Simple, user-friendly app
  • Award-winning monitoring and response
  • Typical savings of up to 50% each month
For Your Small Business
Protect your small business from obsolescence as well as intrusion. More than 10 million U.S. alarm systems will go dark when 3G networks are turned off just months from now. Our simple solution brings your existing system up to date so you can focus on business, not your security.
  • Instantly modernizes legacy alarm systems
  • Keep tabs on your business from anywhere
  • Eliminates the need for outdated land lines
  • Easy to use, with no setup complexities
  • Free-standing operation even in mall settings
  • Typical savings of up to 50% each month
Easy to use
Smart security made simple
Forget complicated setup and operation. Get the security and alerts you want without the hassle and without your data being shared or sold.
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