Easy smart security for Home & Business
Instantly upgrade existing alarm panels to modern security features, quickly and cost-effectively
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We're a global leader in connected security
Today's wanted features and ready for tomorrow
Robust cell solution with redundant comm paths
Fast, powerful upgrade saves time and money
Featured Product
EPX PRO Communicator
Modernize any alarm system in minutes! This simple, cost-effective retrofit works with most panels and provides powerful security features for lower cost, without "big brother" data collection.
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"The configuration app and QR code makes the installs a breeze! It's let me bring more customers up to date and online with their security, thanks!"
Mike W.
"I was worried that that it would be expensive to replace my entire home alarm system, but now I'm actually saving money each month."
Pat M.
"I didn't like the idea of my security system reporting my data to a big technology company for who knows what. Thanks for keeping it simple!"
Amanda H.
More about EBS
We are a leading European manufacturer of security systems and business automation solutions. We bring 30 years of innovation and experience to the U.S. market and look forward to providing our customers with outsized value and convenience.

Smart security systems for home and business are in great demand, especially with the 3G sunset on the horizon. Too often these systems have been difficult to deploy and costly to maintain. EBS is committed to smart, powerful solutions that make modern, app-based security easy to install and affordable to use.

Our pedigree extends across five continents and over 3 million installed devices

We partner with some of the largest security agencies and governmental institutions around the world, but we never lose sight of customer needs, regardless of size. Find out more about us and how we make smart security easy for everyone.

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